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DateJun 19, 2018
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As a Baby Boomer ( 65 years) with two left hands for cooking I started this course and I can tell you: “Living the vegan lifestyle’. Ziya tells, shows and demonstrates with easy, simple but very informative videos on how to learn and join “living the vegan lifestyle“. Go for it. By the way up to now I lost 16 pounds.

Ton Verkerk , Student EVGL
You love animals…
You love our beautiful planet…
And you love to look good and to feel healthy…
Am I right?
When you are vegan
You wake up every day with the consciousness that you are doing justice to all of the above!
And I can tell you it’s a pretty good feeling!
Do you consider the vegan lifestyle for yourself?
However, there are some obstacles that hold you back?
I totally understand you, I have been there too!
But what if I tell you…
That, I now know EVERYTHING you need to know…
In order to successfully transition into the vegan lifestyle,
In an easy and balanced way, that doesn’t require too much effort!
Just envision that you maneuver through the supermarket…
And you know exactly what to buy without having to read all the ingredients.
That your cupboards and fridge are full of healthy vegan food.
And that you can create a delicious and nutritious plant-based meal at any time without having to look up recipes.
Imagine that you feel confident enough to say in all situations that you are vegan because you have
solid arguments about veganism in your mind.
And that every purchase you make isn’t funding a cruel industry that you don’t agree on.
Instead, you are contributing to a more loving and caring world that doesn’t exploit animals.
Are you ready to change your lifestyle and help to make the world a better place?

Reasons to become vegan

  • Let the animals be free: Animals are sentimental beings that seek comfort and express emotions of joy, happiness, and Love. When animals are in a negative environment or they have been taken away from their family they feel depression and deep grief. Sadly this is the reality of farm animals.

Animals used for profit don’t get the chance to be real animals and live in their natural habitat. Instead, they are enslaved, mistreated and dominated by humans that steal their meat, body tissues, and by-products. The truth is that animals are Golden age slaves. 

It is not okay and we can’t ignore the facts of the horror that is going on every day! Help the animals and by going vegan to decrease the demand for animal products. The future is vegan, but let’s start now! 

  • Improve your health: Animal products such as meat, dairy, and eggs cause inflammation in the human body which leads to a greater risk of getting cancer, cholesterol, diabetes and heart failure.

The whole-food plant based diet is proven to be the healthiest diet on Earth. A whole food plant based diet reverses all of the diseases mentioned,  brings vitality and prolongs lives. Going vegan is   doing yourself the biggest favor. (1)

  • Protect our planet: Animal agriculture is the cause of 91% of the Amazon destruction, species extinction, water waste, ocean dead zones and water pollution.

The animal agriculture is not only killing animals and making the consumers sick but is also affecting our beautiful planet and the habitat of many wild animals. Planet Earth is our home, and we should care for her because there is no planet B.(2)

  • Bring more justice to the world: The grains that are fed to animals could feed 10 billion people, which would mean the end of world hunger. Unfortunately, the food doesn’t go to starving children in third world countries but is fed to animals in the animal agriculture to make meat products for the western world. (3)





– Gary L. Francione

This program is for you if you recognize yourself in the following:

  • I’m trying to be vegan, but I have no idea how to start. There is so much I don’t know.
  • I’m struggling on what to eat every day. I feel that I’m not eating enough of the right vegan foods…
  • I spend so much time looking for vegan friendly products but everything seems to have animal ingredients in them.. I’m really doing my best to be vegan, but I end up making stupid mistakes.
  • I feel alone in my vegan journey. The people around me aren’t very supportive and I don’t know any vegans. Which makes it harder fully transition.

Let me reveal my first vegan secret with you...

Introducing Easy Vegan Good Life, a smart and simple online Program for Transitioning Vegans to adjust easily to the vegan lifestyle with minimum effort.

Join now and get: 

  • step-by-step program: that prepares you for the vegan lifestyle in only 7 days!
  • Insider information about the easy vegan lifestyle: from a modern world-wide Veganista through clear to-the-point videos, practical mini ebooks, and other information sources.
  • A workbook with simple exercises: that you can integrate into your daily routine.
  • Membership to our Easy Vegan Good Life private community: where you’ll get amazing support from like-minded people on the same journey.


  • A nutritious 7-Day Vegan Meal Plan with easy recipes and a grocery list: Designed for transitioning vegans, to get used to the vegan diet – so you don’t have to worry about finding the right recipes and nutrients in your first 7 days as a transitioning vegan.
  • The Easiest 45 Vegan Recipes: My personal favorite super tasty vegan recipes you can cook at home without being a top chef.
  • A mini Ebook with strong vegan one-liners: Learn them out of your head and have solid vegan arguments in every discussion.
  • Get up to 15% discount: at the top vegan fashion and cosmetic brands!
  • And much more!


Transitioning into the vegan lifestyle isn’t a simple process, every single aspect of your life is going through a severe transformation.

When you don’t know exactly what you are doing – it is an overwhelming, stressful process with a lot of pressure to do it right.

Most of the people that try to become vegan fail at their first attempt and they fall back into their old habits. In other cases, the transition takes a very long time and they aren’t fully vegan for at least 6 months making mistake after mistake.

In order to make your vegan transition successful, you need to have the right information that will benefit you immediately on your vegan journey.

The internet is a big database of free information. However, it requires a lot of your valuable time to separate the wheat from the chaff and find the information you are looking for.


  • The eCourse is designed to help you transition into the vegan lifestyle without making it overwhelming and complicated.
  • The modules are placed in a strategic order, so you can become a vegan step by step.
  • You will learn exactly what you need to know in order to start the vegan lifestyle in an easy and relaxed way without overthinking every single step you make in your new lifestyle.
  • You will save a lot of time because all the information you need is concentrated in one place.
  • You won’t be doing it alone, you have support from me and your fellow students in the exclusive community.



That 5% of the profits are donated to animals rescue sanctuaries that liberate animals from the nightmare they live in, to give them the life they deserve.

My promise to you - The 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

You might have some concerns about the Easy Vegan Good Life. But this is how confident I am that you will benefit from the eCourse! I can assure you that we’ll cover all the subjects that are essential and beneficial to help you to successfully transition into the vegan lifestyle without facing difficult situations.

Here is my promise: If you don’t benefit from the training material, email me before the 31st day, show me you did the worksheets, and I’ll happily refund your full payment.

This means that you try a part of the course within 30 days after the payment – and if you decide that the course is not right for you, you email me before the end of the 31st day. Show me you did the work and tell me why you aren’t happy with the given content, and I’ll offer a prompt and courteous refund.